Paul Kachur
computer services
21 first ave apt 32 • new york ny 10003 •
Since 2005, I have specialized in php/mysql/html/css/dom/javascript, and I string these acronyms together because I believe that any worthwhile modern website requires the use and close coordination of all of these technologies.

A web page begins with php providing instructions to the server while assembling data through mysql. This results in a stream of html to the client. In order to have any interactivity on the page, the underlying code must not only yield the desired appearance but must be well constructed. Therefore valid html, compliant with w3c standards, is a must, and css is used not only for visual style but even more importantly for building a coherent document object model. Once the dom is properly built, it can respond to different viewports and javascript can make it do anything.

(*What about dhtml? Already covered – dhtml is javascript manipulating the dom.)
(*What about ajax? Already covered – ajax is the exercise of the XMLHttpRequest object, which is a node of the dom.)
(*What about web 2.0? See above.)
Before the web, I wrote programs for ms-dos, vb for windows, as well as fonts and postscript drivers, thus developing a proven agility in getting up to speed on new technologies as the need arises.

Although I am not primarily a designer, I have extensive knowledge of both photoshop and illustrator, as well as long experience with type.

I generally ask clients not to ask me if something is possible – assume that I can do anything and just tell me what you want.

major clients
Brian Dubé, Inc. ( and Troohoops (
Provide all php, mysql, html, css, dom, xml, perl, and javascript programming for the 400+ website pages of the world’s leading supplier of juggling and circus equipment. Besides providing consistent structure for retail and back-end administrative pages, responsibilities include (but are not limited to): managing shopping cart/inventory integration, promotional routines, and custom popups; coordinating with UPS, USPS, PowerReviews, and Google servers and managing SEO optimization; customizing product ordering and display; creating and maintaining an original system that solicits user-contributed videos then manages and presents them in partnership with Youtube API; and all troubleshooting and problem-solving on an ongoing basis. Everything. Also create and maintain FMP ordering and inventory system for back-office operations, and integrate online and in-house databases, and add custom elements to boss’s Wordpress blog.
Women’s Caucus for Art (
Maintain multiple online (mysql) databases and write php programs to provide interface from website, with searches/filters and tab-delimited data dumps to client computers. Design and implement strict xhtml/css presentation and cookie system for restricting database operations to current members, and integrate Wordpress blog into restricted member areas with single login. Integrate online membership applications with PayPal, using IPN to feed data to administrator. On ongoing basis, convert in-house FMP database to sql for website.
Pella Publishing ( and Athens Printing
Design, program from the ground up, and provide all text and graphics for a database-driven, content-managed information and shopping site for small publisher. Includes original shopping-cart and checkout routines integrated with UPS, USPS, and PayPal, as well as a custom administrative utility that allows client to update content and generate new pages.

Also provide every manner of prepress requirement for busy midtown commercial printer, including typesetting with Quark and InDesign, composing artwork and duplicating logos with Adobe Illustrator, and scanning and retouching photographs with Adobe Photoshop. Extensive experience in typesetting both modern and polytonic Greek.

Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection (
Design and program entire site, along with administrative tool for client to update and add content. Devise system to compute and display daily liturgical schedule and scripture readings along with facility to serve the readings to other websites.
St Vladimir’s Seminary Press
Design, typeset, and layout scholarly works on theological and historical themes, requiring facility in all western languages as well as Russian, Greek and Armenian. Assist in preparation of catalogues, brochures and ads. Convert books from Quark and InDesign into epub format.
Opera, tai-chi, celestial navigation.
Brian Dubé
President, Brian Dubé, Inc.
520 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Karin Luner
National Director, Women’s Caucus for Art
105 Duane St, New York, NY 10007

Leandros Papathanasiou
President, Pella Publishing/Athens Printing
337 West 36 St, New York, NY 10018

Rev Christopher Calin
Dean, Orthodox Cathedral of the Protection
59 East 2 St, New York, NY 10003